Saturday, November 13, 2010

Anti Cannabis Propaganda and Reefer Madness are Dead

Before The Blog is Started This Message is Brought to you by George Washington.The Message is Simple.
"I Grew Hemp"

Proposition 19 has Failed and the Propaganda has once more claimed a victory.

The Campaign of Lies and Deceit started during the depression still has it's long term effects to this day.The Seniors who voted in force as usual have decided most of them still want laws against cannabis.

The propaganda planted in their brains YEARS ago still rents space.

The Youths did not vote in this election the way they did during the presidential election and that is the main reason that prop 19 was defeated

There was also descent in the ranks of the cannabis community.There were some GREEDY DISPENSARY OWNERS that were spreading lies and deceit as bogus as William Randolph Hearst.
The Reefer Madness Continues!!

Prop 19 was not perfect Hell No!! That didn't matter.The Kinks could have been worked out.Can anyone say Amend?The Status Quo Sucks and That is what is Intact,THE STATUS QUO!

The Reefer Madness Never ends.

The Average Citizen can Understand the significance of Supply and demand.

Logic would tell any Citizen that if the DEMAND is Diverted then the supply will dwindle from the SOUTH and the Local Taxes would increase and Violence decrease.
Before Alcohol Prohibition Al Capone was feeding the Propaganda Machines against Booze.Al Capone secretly funded The Temperance Movement and continued the fight to Keep Booze Illegal.He Liked it that way!
Cannabis will be no Different.Anyone who thinks any Different isn't thinking at all.

The US Laws against Cannabis Created an Illegal Supply and demand issue that FUELS Violence at the Southern Border.Cannabis is Just a Minuscule part of that violence and needs to be eliminated to help with the overall objective.The President of Mexico Declared the week before the election.

"May God let Proposition 19 Pass".

That sounds Like a Plea to a Higher Power To Me!He sees the Powers of the devil working against the Citizens by creating lies and deceit still.
With Gods Help,The Supply and Demand Issues will stop murdering Innocent Citizens someday but I am afraid the issue is Much deeper than cannabis smuggling.
None the Less!
The Reefer Madness must end!

The Reefer Madness started during the depression when America was Vulnerable to such Ignorant Propaganda.

The Name was Changed to Separate it from Hemp and anything useful.

The Campaign was also driven by Hate.Most of the Cannabis in those days was grown in Mexico and the Mexican American War was fresh in the Minds of Americans.

The Reefer Madness was DuPont's answer.

Hemp was too huge of a Clean non Polluting Competitor and was made to be evil quickly after all DuPont had the Patent for Nylon and Mother Nature had the Patent for hemp.The Oil and Chemicals derived from such Substances were much easier to exploit and make Profit from.Hemp was in the way so DuPont With William Randolph Hearst's Assistance started one of the Most deceitful Campaigns in Americas history against such a Useful Plant.The Hemp for Victory Grows during WW-2 were the Only sign there may be changes but that was squashed once again after WW-2 with anti Cannabis Propaganda.

DuPont had a Vice President Charles Stine who created the First Laboratory to create Synthetic Fiber.The lab was managed by Chemist and Eccentric Wallace Hume Carothers.This lab was Created during the Depression when the Corporations could Poison the land for profit and Not Be argued with if They Created JOBS.The JOBS meant Chemicals.The Chemicals that were used to make these fibers are Harsh and Deadly.

Carothers Just Happened to Commit suicide on April 29th of 1937.he was suffering from long term effects of Chemicals and was delusional at times.KARMA is a MFer Dude.

Cannabis was Made Illegal onOct 27th 1938 when Samuel Caldwell was made the First Cannabis POW in a Long and Protracted war on Cannabis.The war that still hasn't ended and Ruins lives daily.DuPont has Profited on all this Madness since.

This was the end of Clean Natural Fibers and the Beginning of The Complete Chemical Age.

The Fibers they replaced were not made by only Chemicals but made by the SUN,Seeds and Fertilizer(Chemicals and a source of DuPont profit but not enough I guess).Hemp was a Natural Fiber that could be woven into clothes like they have been doing for Centuries but was not near as Profitable.The Profit for Nylon was twice that as Silk and Hemp.Cotton was the Only Real Natural Fiber Survivor after the Propaganda.

The Propaganda War used Woman as an Ally when Charles Stine Declared at the New York Worlds Fair that:

"We Enter a world of Tomorrow"

"Stockings can be made to last longer and will be less expensive."

The Woman loved the idea and Nylon was Born.
DuPont Was only concerned about consumer profit and the Woman were There profit and Public Relations Train Ticket.

William Randolph Hearst had Bigoted Motives as well as Monetary motives.

William Hated Blacks and Mexicans.The Fact that most of the Cannabis activity was In the African American Community and The Jazz Community was his Motive to Hire spies and Thugs to harass these Groups.
William Randolph Hearst lost a great deal of property after the Mexican American war.Property that was Not his to begin with but his Complete arrogance and His Entitled Aristocrat attitude was all that was needed.The fact that he OWNED the ONLY newspapers Helped Immensely and what he wrote was the truth.The Propaganda war was on.

Hearst was Pulling out all the stops and anything Spectacular was Fair.

Hearst Eventually persuaded the US Government to hire Harry Anslinger as The Nations First Pot and Drug War Nazi.
Harry came up with Reefer Madness.

Great Work Harry Your Dumb Ass Legacy has Cost many Lives and Billions of Dollars of Lost Revenue from a Great fiber source and a Polluted landscape because DuPont had their way for so long.The Poison is now taking It's Toll.There are Lifeless Areas of Earth where the Water Table will remain Polluted for the Next 100 years.
Was that your Plan Harry Thousands of Citizens Jailed and Lives Lost.Good Work YOU DEVIL it worked you fooled the Masses for awhile.
Harry Anslinger became well known for "The Gore Files"which were Blatantly bias towards Blacks and Mexicans.

The Sad Truth is DuPont has Never made Good for the Lies and deceit because the Synthetic Fibers were well used and NEEDED.The sad truth is The Hemp was also a great part of The Defense Materials List Once and was NIXED.That will change soon.

May Your Legacy Continue to be Spoiled with the Truth and Harry Anslinger is Now Smeared in DEATH.Rightfully so!!JERK!

The Reefer Madness Created by Harry is Now a Comedy.

The Devils Harvest.Harry had Close Ties with The Devil Himself!

That is why he was so Obsessed with the DEVIL.
The Reefer Madness Must End Now!

The Group of American Citizens who gave it a hell of a Fight are the Oaksterdam Heroes.

Here is a Great Picture of MOST of them.The Group AJNAG is a world class Advocacy and Pioneer using the Internet.The word continues to reach the citizens.

Oaksterdam University is on a Mission to Educate he Future Cannabis Pioneers and Policy Makers and Changers.

See Richard with that Grin in the Middle of them all.
The Oaksterdam University is the Anti Propaganda Education.

Harry Anslinger would be Shocked if he saw he Front of Oaksterdam University and someone says to Him."That's Right Harry,A Marijuana School of Higher Learning want to Join?"

Harry would be seen running down Broadway insanely Screaming about the Devil!

The Reefer Madness Got To Him!

Institutions such as Oaksterdam University are going to educate to assure the Grows of the Future stay Legal with all Permits,locally ethical and safe,Free of Chemicals and Pests and secure.This takes more education and Implementation than you think.

Harry Anslinger would hate Oaksterdam University and Oaksterdam University Teaches of the Ignorance of Cannabis haters such as Harry Anslinger and Javier Pena.

Proposition 19 was Making an attempt to stop the Insanity of Jailing California Citizens for Growing Cannabis.The Prisons are so damn Crowded and FULL OF REAL THUGS.
Do the Cannabis Growers who have done nothing else deserve such Drastic Measures for growing an Herb The founding fathers grew?

There are so many Rogue DAs that think that way,Dave Paulson of Solano County is one of the Cannabis Haters.He is anti Prop 19 of Course.Just another hater with too much power.

The Insanity of Placing Non Violent So Called Offenders with REAL THUGS is as Criminal in Concept as Torture.When will this end?
The Reefer Madness must end now!!

These Posters were taken seriously when they made their World Premier.

They provoke Laughter now.The Propaganda has Lingered however.

The Violence that the Black market created is Being used as Fodder in the campaign against Legalization.How ignorant especially since the cause for the supply and demand deaths and Violence is a law.There were no Drug Cartels before the Ignorant laws were Passed.That FACT just seems to be Ignored.

The Madness that is created when unenforceable laws are passed will always hurt the average Citizens who do not even use the substance.The effect of denying rights to one citizen effects the quality of life for all Concerned.Especially when Jails are being used as Political Tools and stigmas attached forever for a Non Violent Act.That is Insane.

Vigilance is the Price of Liberty.The Founding Father warned of Such Laws and how they are hard to Defeat once they have become so entrenched. Society continues to embrace a policy that will fail forever and Eat up Revenue Forever.

Change can bring Revenue but not as Much as The Oakland City Coucil seems to Think. Kaplan and Reid are Not in Touch with Reality.

San Francisco needs to embrace a Policy that will assure that Monopolies aren't implemented like what is happening in Oakland.Including the Future Pioneers .

The Youths see the insanity and will be making the changes in the next decade.

Tough Shit Anslinger and Hearst The Ignorance can't Prevail,Sanity will prevail.

The Next law written will be better than Prop 19 and Will Pass thus Ushering in the Era of Sanity and Kicking The Ignorant cannabis Policy of the Lost Decades to the Curb.

GOOD RIDDANCE Reefer Madness.


  1. The propaganda campaign against marijuana is nothing new as this medieval story from the ‘Arabian Nights’ shows. The described affects of the drug are nothing like the actual high, but are exaggerated to make readers afraid to go near the drug.

    “he found a quiet corner and taking out a piece of Hashish, swallowed it. Presently the fumes mounted to his brain and he rolled over on to the marble floor. Then the Hashish made him fancy that a great lord was shampooing him and that two slaves stood at his head, one bearing a bowl and the other washing gear and all the requisites of the Hammam…….

    Then the slave opened it and brought out three kerchiefs of silk, one of which he threw over his head, a second over his shoulders, and a third he tied round his waist. Moreover, the eunuch gave him a pair of bath-clogs, and he put them on; after which in came white slaves and eunuchs and supported him (and he laughing the while) to the outer hall, which he found hung and spread with magnificent furniture, such as beseemeth none but kings; and the pages hastened up to him and seated him on the divan.

    Then they fell to kneading him till sleep overcame him; and he dreamt that he had a girl in his arms. So he kissed her and set her between his thighs; then, sitting to her as a man sitteth to a woman, he took yard in hand and drew her towards him and weighed down upon her and lo! he heard one saying to him,

    "Awake, thou ne'er-do-well! The noon-hour is come and thou art still asleep." He opened his eyes and found himself lying on the marge of the cold-water tank, amongst a crowd of people all laughing at him; for his prickle was at point and the napkin had slipped from his middle. So he knew that all this was but a confusion of dreams and an illusion of the Hashish and he was vexed and said to him who had aroused him, "Would thou hadst waited till I had put it in!"

    Then said the folk, "Art thou not ashamed, O Hashish-eater, to be sleeping stark naked with stiff-standing tool?" And they cuffed him till his neck was red. Now he was starving, yet forsooth he savored the flavor of pleasure in his dream".

  2. Smoke weed and fly.


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