Friday, February 11, 2011

Cannabis as a Substitute for Alcohol a Harm Reduction Approach By Dr Tod Mikuriya

Rest in Peace Dr Tod you have done More for The Scared Herb Cannabis than Many Doctors who had the same opportunity.
You have staunchly believed in Cannabis as a substitute or alcohol and Hard Drugs ever since you were the Director of non classified marijuana research for the Institute of Mental Health Center for Narcotic and Drug Abuse Studies in 1967.That was when you had YOUR EPIPHANY

Dr Tod had almost given 9000 recommendations before his death May 20th 2007.

Dr Tod had given a few of those patients a lifetime doctors note.

DOCTOR TOD Risked his Practice when The California Medical Board Placed him on Five Years Probation. 

The DAs that wanted Dr Tods License did not care about the extensive research Dr Tod had done Prior to prop 215 they were just HATERS.
DR Tod had Written The Medical Marijuana Papers 1839-1972. The Book was a Collection of Important Medical Cannabis Facts collected from the reference section of the National Library of Medicine It had become the Landmark Reference in the struggle for Prop 215.

Dr Tod has a Colorful ,Interesting and Impressive History.

Dr Tod Mikuriya was Born to a Very Well Educated Family.September 1933 in Pennsylvania.
His Father was a Japanese Civil Engineer and His Mother a well educated German.
He grew up in a Quaker Community of  Fallsington Pennsylvania and Attended Quaker schools.
His family made a decision to have DR Tod and his siblings grow up in a Quaker setting.
DR Tods Family Suffered the Indignities that Followed December 7th 1941 when their Family went from being normal every day citizens into being 

That is why you challenged the authorities later.
That is why you didn't FLINCH when ELEVEN Jurisdictions went after your Practice.
No Patients Filed Complaints.No Other Doctors would collaborate with the State Agencies involved when they GANGED UP ON DR TOD..

Rest in Peace Dr Tod Mikuriya
You Are Still Advocating for the Sacred Herb Cannabis..
Dr Tod was Inspired by the Lies and Deceit of Reefer Madness and the Ignorance of the United Stares Government to allow such a wonderful to succumb to such a hateful racist campaign that Reefer Madness Still Is and in the Spirit of such a wonderful Man his Quest for Cannabis as a Substitute for Alcohol backed by his extensive Research and writings

Read and Digest Dr Tod's Writings and YOU TOO will be convinced.

Cannabis has so much Anti-Addiction Harm Reduction potential and It's Time to Tap That Potential and take the Cannabis sales away from the THUGS..
Dr Tod Was The Number One Clinical Psychiatrist to Recommend Cannabis
Dr Tod Understood the Potential Verses Side Effects
Dr Tod Understood The Relief

DR Tod was In The US Army Medical Corps,He didn't say much about his service for Obvious reasons.
Dr Tod went to Reed College and Temple University Medical School Philadelphia
Dr Tod served a rotating shift internship at Southern Pacific General Hospital SF
Dr Tod Specialized in Psychiatry at Oregon State Hospital in Salem.
Dr Tod Then Completed his training at Mendocino State Hospital
Dr Tod Was certified at Bio Feedback by The American Association of Bio Feedback Clinicians
Dr Tod was the Attending SHRINK at GLADMAN HOSPITAL.1970 to 1991. chair 1993-94
 and working with the Department of Psychiatry at The Eden Medical Center.Castro Valley.

Dr Tod was the Director of The Drug Abuse Treatment center at New Jersey Nueropsychiatric Institute Skillman New Jersey before he was appointed as director of non classified marijuana research for the national institute and Mental health center for Narcotic and drug abuse studies
DR Tod Then Founded the FIRST METHADONE CLINIC in Alameda County.
Dr Tod was a Member of The International Cannabanoid Research Society
Dr Tod was a Member International Association of Cannabis As Medicine
Dr Tod was The Medical Coordinator for California Cannabis Centers
Dr Tod was the Author of Oakland Cannabis Buyers Cooperative Protocol.
Dr Tod was a Member of Medical Marijuana Work Group City of Oakland August 1996.
Dr Tod was a member of California's Society for Addiction Medicine 1997 and
Dr Tod was in The California Medical Association.
Dr Tod was a member of the Advisory Board Journal of Cannabis Therapeutics 2000
Dr Tod was the President of California Cannabis Research Medical Group.1999.

Dr Tod was a member of California Medical association,American Psychiatric Association,American Society of Addiction Medicine,California Society of Addiction Medicine.The Alameda Contra Costa Medical Association.He served on the ACCME Chemical Addiction Committee.
DR Tod was a member of the Bio Feedback Society of California.
Dr Tod was member The Association for Advancement of Behavioral Therapy.
DR Tod was a MENSA Member.
DR Tod was a Member of The International Society for the study of subtle energies and energy medicine.
Dr Tod died of Complications due to cancer.
The World lost a Staunch Cannabis Advocate on May 20th 2007.
The Cannabis Community Loves You and your wisdom will CONTINUE TO teach and ADVOCATE on Behalf of Cannabis Users FOREVER.

Harry Anslinger The Nations First Drug War Fanatic set Up Failure.

Harry Anslinger was the Country's first Drug War Czar
Born 1892 Harry was known for his Fanatical campaign against cannabis.
Harry Described Cannabis as "Mexican Opium"

Harry Attended Pennsylvania State College 1913-1915
Harry Served the US Government in 1918 .He held Consular Posts in The Netherlands,Germany,The Bahamas and Venezuela.
Harry Ascended to a Position with The Treasury Bureau of Narcotics in 1926.He was Chief of division of foreign control.
Harry soon was the Commissioner of the Bureau.of Narcotics.
Harry was a Go Getter and had his sights set on Cannabis then.
Harry Anslinger was a world Class Bigot.
He hated African Americans and went after their community of Flappers.
Harry hated The Mexicans and wanted to dirty them as much as possible in his Campaign.

.The Mexican American war was still fresh on the Minds of many American citizens who lost land.The War still raged in Harry's mind as he orchestrated the Most deceitful campaign against Cannabis in history.
Harry Anslinger was a World Class Bigot.
His Famous Writing the Gore Papers was a Bunch of lies and deceit .
The Lies and deceit were directed towards the African American Community and the Mexicans.

Harry Anslinger Spent His Entire CAREER Going after Drugs.

The Sad part about America campaign against Drugs is that it just created a black market that Thrives Today and that will not change by continuing to arrest citizens for low level drug offenses.The Drug Cartels have replacements for the Replacements.
They can play that game FOREVER and will not be spending money prosecuting
They will be spending money on GUNS and  SMUGGLING.

Time to Take the Cannabis Business away from the Damn Drug Thugs

Harry liked Using KIDS in his Deceitful Campaign
The Syringes were ridiculous.
The NEEDLES gave the Narcotic Look..
The Truth about Cannabis was told to the Politicians during the Congressional hearings on Narcotics and Harry had them FOOLED.This One doctor didn't realize at First that The Reefer or Marijuana was Cannabis and when he Told the Politicians that there are no known Side effects that are that Acute.The Doctor told them it was a LIE and they did not LISTEN.

Harry Anslinger Wrote a Book in 1961 when he was Going after The Pharmacies for PILLS.
Thus Opening the Flood Gates for the BLACK MARKET FOREVER

William Randolph Hearst gave Harry all the Room he needed in the Daily newspapers
Reefer Madness was Born and still lives TODAY..

William Randolph Hearst published Harry's Gore Papers and that was what ended Cannabis cultivation forever.Hearst had Vast Timber Land and Hemp was in the way of HUGE PROFITS.

Hearst wanted to Exploit the Forest Land he owned instead of preserving the beauty.

Harry Anslinger Helped with his plan of Dominance just fine.

Hearst made Money on Rayon and Paper.

World War Two brought the Need for hemp and the Hemp for Victory Campaign was KILLED after WW-2 quickly once again by Harry and Hearst.

Harry Anslinger was Honored by the Country for Being one of The Ten Most Outstanding Career Men in the Federal Government in 1958.

That is Unless your Bigoted self wanted so many African Americans Disproportionately in jail
That's It
That was your SICK ASS PLAN.
YOU BIGOT I can Only Hope that God Didn't Buy your BULLSHIT and Sent you to HELL


Good Riddance !

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Avid is Poison and Should Never be Used on Cannabis Gardens

Many California Cannabis Patients now enjoy a big selection of California grown Cannabis.Growing this cannabis isn't as easy as putting seeds in the ground and just watering it.That worked for many outdoor grows for years depending on the soil they would have a decent crop.

Indoor growing however has it's UPS and downs.The grower who has a sanitary grow room and proper ventilation and feeds their plants properly should enjoy the UPS.

The Best quality Buds are grown Indoors.They have been fed to perfection.The best will be free of Pests and Molds.The taste will be superb with no residual taste.

Mites are a Pain in the Ass to any grower who has had them.Thy are hard to control and hide on clothes.That is why a clean garden concept must be respected.Changing clothes before and after keeps pests off other gardens.

The Best measure that can be taken to assure a pest free environment is too have the area around the grow as sterile as possible.Mold is a small spore that hangs in the air.Mold will live in a crack waiting for conditions to be optimum.Then mold does it's evil.

Mites can be effectively stopped from the beginning.It is very Important to have a ventilation system that circulates and completely replaces the air every few minutes with filtered air from the outside.

There are growers who have CO2 cycles with the ventilation just circulating and no Refresh.Then they have the refresh cycle when they flush the Stale CO2 air out and cycle clean filtered air for awhile and then close up and fill the Camber with CO2 and have a saturation period.The Most important issue to remember is to filter the air from outside completely.This can be done using six inch ducts and four inch ducts.

Make wooden filter boxes from wood.Place a Duct couplers on each end.Place at least four filters in the Box.When you change the filters you will see the FILTH that is in the air.WE breath this filth but we do not want to feed this shitty air to the plants.

I have been seeing some real bad advice on the Internet that says it is OK to use AVID on Cannabis plants.HELL NO it is Foolish!!

AVID is a POISON for Christs sake.

The CANNA CARE website is operated by a FOOL.

ONLY a FOOL would tell someone to use AVID directly on BUDS and have the Nerve TO ADMIT that the clones will have AVID in their system for a Couple generations.NO SHIT!

AVID does work but it also is a poison that is not to be PLACED directly on the PLANT.

AVID can be used Indirectly as long as you use it sparingly.

The alternatives for direct applications are Neem oil,Eucalyptus oil and Peppermint Oil. Garlic also Deters Bugs and Mites a Bit.

The best bet is to never let them in!!

Being very careful,is not easy and requires sacrifices and time consuming changes of Clothes.SO WHAT!!
Just do it!!!

Do not Poison the Frigging plants.

Indoor grows take more work than one realizes.The best bet ONCE AGAIN is to have a ventilation system that literally moves the air so much it is clean.

Burn Sulphur every once in awhile to control mold.Not too much sulphur either.That too can effect the taste and outcome of the buds.When in the Last Budding Stage NO SULPHUR.Mold can be a BITCH.When the buds are starting it is OK to Burn One last Time.

The Larger the grow the more the worry.The smaller grows are easier to keep under control.Just do not get lazy.

Remember what you feed the plants comes out in the Product,DUH!!

The HUGE grows that Oakland is about to allow will be a HUGE mistake TOO SOON.

The huge GROWS will be a FED magnet if The wrong administration takes office.

The Huge Grows may be a MITE MAGNET.Imagine having an Infestation in a grow that huge.That would be a NIGHTMARE.

That is when the Wealthy Bastards are going to use AVID and I know it.There needs to be a way to test the Herb Cheaply for AVID.

With Bad Advice on The Internet I would not be surprised if AVID is more common than the Cannabis community is aware of.I sure the hell hope not.

AVID is a POISON PERIOD and is not to be directly sprayed on Cannabis Plants.

Shame on The CANNA CARE website for Telling Potheads to Poison each other.

WTF Canna Care??

You only care about profit and fat buds HUH?


The Drug Wars and Prohibition of any Substance Always Fails

Heroin a Drug brought to the world by BAYER.Bayer synthesized Heroin from Morphine and actually TOUTED it as a CURE for Morphine Addiction.

I Can't make this shit up if I wanted to.

Thanks to Bayer's BRAINY Scientists a drug that was even more addicting than Morphine was made and patented by a Drug Company of course.They could not patent a naturally occurring substance so they change it enough to be synthetic form and then they have a patent.
Thanks BAYER for the Thousands of Junkies that the world must deal with daily.Morphine is not much better but much harder to be addicted to right away.

The Point is the Drugs were available and there was not a black market.

Cocaine was drug sold Over the counter for many years.

Cocaine was put in many products from elixirs to cough drops.

Cocaine was never a social issue the way it is today with very addictive forms of Cocaine and Amphetamines mixed.
The Black Markets Products are dirty and deadly.

Amphetamines soon replaced cocaine during WW-2.The Pep Pills were popular and saved lives during LONG MISSIONS.

The Armed Forces created a Bunch of speed addicts.They had no problem getting there goods.Most of them lived functional lives as long as they had their drug of choice.

Society will never realize how leaving the drug manufacturing up to the THUGS will create a Bad Product full of additives.

The Yellowish Rocks sold in the streets vary in what they have in them.

They have very Little Cocaine now.Around 20 percent if they are lucky.

The Street Crap is Much more addicting and less satisfying and leaves the FOOL wanting MORE.I call it the MORE drugs.

Just take one look at the street crap and it will creep you out if you know anything about street drugs and the history.
The Yellow Crap is Total POISON.

The Crackheads are prisoners of some devilish cartels and gangs that know how to work them.They allow then to have some for free sometimes just to HOOK them again.

There are forms of stimulants available with a script STILL.I would rather have someone tweaking on Tablets instead of Rock.Especially if the Tablets were administered by a Harm Reduction Program.
That goes for the street form of speed too,ICE.
ICE is deadly and a smokeable form of Amphetamines that is a MORE DRUG.

The Time has come to look at addiction in a different light.

Way Too much money is wasted Prosecuting and Jailing Drug Dealers and Parolees who are violated over drugs.Druggies with non violent history and a general mellow attitude need to be allowed to have scripts if that is what they are going to use anyway.

Face it America The Drug war is lost.

Trying to keep drugs from addicts has just created chaos in Urban settings.The Inner Urban war zones that the Users from the BEDROOM COMMUNITIES come to so they can PURCHASE DRUGS.
Hell the Sixth street corridor from hell has BART nearby.That is why the hub is so successful.
Location Location Location.

Time to TAKE the Cannabis sales from this LOCATION and provide a funding source for harm reduction.The Time for a Reality Check is NOW!

Then have doctors available to divert sales of drugs from the streets.

Amphetamine tablets were 75 cents for 1000 in 1962 when the FEDS raided the San Francisco Pharmacies that were selling amphetamine tablets.They were different than the Picture.They were White Beanies as we called them when I was young.

Bennie,Speed whatever they are called were not a Huge issue really.There were many functioning addicts then.Many were Veterans who ended up addicted during WW-2 and the Korean War.They handed out Beanies like Buttons.

Then America created a Black Market and the Price of Beanies that were Clandestinely Manufactured were much more expensive.They were also full of Additives and there is no way to have quality control.

Would you rather see the sales of Drugs continue on the streets when there are drugs available over the counter that can help ease the addiction monkey.

The Drug War is totally Lost.
America can't arrest their way out of this issue any more.Do you think for one damn second the drug Cartels care how much money is wasted prosecuting and Jailing Dealers and Addicts.
No Sooner than the Police Arrest someone on Stevenson they have a replacement Drug Thug in Place within a Half an Hour.
The SPOT is just too profitable and the Replacements will never end in this recession.
Then BART make this the LOCATION.

There is Legal Cocaine through a Script.That will never hit the streets.The stuff is evil.
Some Scripts however make sense.
I would rather see San Francisco do what Amsterdam has done.They have Legal Heroin Clinics that serve up Heroin.Bayer has had the product for many years.The People wanted it.
Wouldn't you rather see junkies that have a product that is controlled and have them all off the streets.The alternative is MORE Homeless Junkies that will happen when the Housing situation becomes worse.
The Other Huge Issue That needs to be addressed for Harm Reduction is MORE SRO Rooms.When the Citizens do not have a place to sleep it effects the quality of life for all concerned.Thinking any different just continues the madness.
Amsterdam has some very good statistics that proved Harm Reduction works.Sometimes when the Homeless Junkie gets off the streets and is stable they QUIT.Amsterdam is also finding Cannabis to be useful in helping Junkies KICK IT.

The Drugs are available one way or another.Society can Wise up and accept the addictions or continue to fight a losing battle.
The Drug War is Lost but Hope is not Lost.
Remember that most of The Issues and crime that Black Markets create will go away.
Alcohol prohibition just made Gangsters like Al Capone Richer.Al Capone loved Booze being illegal and Gave Money to the Temperance movement.The Last thing Al Capone wanted was Booze to be Legal.

Have I made My Point Yet?

No Sooner Than the Police arrested the dealers there were replacements.This crew that set up were Organized.They had one Thug who was a Look out and Harker.They had another Thug holding the Product.They had another Thug Taking Money.
What else would you call it?

The Time for harm Reduction has come San Francisco.
That is Unless we aren't through enriching the Drug Thug Cartels and Filling the Prisons full of Drug Cases.Stupid Petty Drug Cases.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Storage for the Homeless Gives Mobility and The Ability to take Care of Business.

Ideas come in all forms and from all kinds of messengers.The idea of homeless storage has been introduced in a few Cities and seems to be a best Practices Idea to me.Harm Reduction comes in many ways and reducing the homeless persons load reduces stigma and the chance of altercations and reprisals from overzealous haters.

Freeing up the Homeless allows for them to take care of business.That's harm reduction in action.Especially when they have goal progress.

The Haters and NIMBYS are of COURSE going to argue that this promotes Homelessness.

This is the same old ignorant arguments.The Facts are that there is not enough low cost housing to go around.The SRO Shortage has become a major Issue.

The Least the City can do is provide proper storage in at least three districts.That would aid in Hiding the stigma immensely.There are many baby Boomers who have resigned themselves to the fact that there is NO WORK for non Techie BOOMERS and need a break.

The Homeless have taken on a new Face.

The Perceptions that most of society has is INSANE at best.


Ridding the citizen of the burden of a CART ALL DAY LONG is an Immense Help.

This can be a way to downsize for many homeless to sleeping gear stored in a smaller cart and Clothes and Possessions stored long term.

The City can do well if there is a place created to SWAP carts.

Safeway,Whole Foods and Trader Joe's would also score big time with Public Relations to help with Rent and Carts.They get Shopping Carts back in The Exchange.They have been immensely patient already.This can be a Public Relations Boon.

The Storage need not be complicated.Simple Pens with a Carport type roof with sprinklers for a fire would suffice.

The Open look will make Keeping Order Easy.The Pens are Kept Neatly Packed or They lose the Privilege.

There would be an Inspection and Rules Introduction period and Referral Required from an agency.There would be an Inspection and scrutiny about The NO storage List.Flammables,Perishables,Weird stuff,anything they deem unacceptable.

They either go through the scrutiny or Pay for it their own Damn selves.

The Storage would work.

The Client would be allowed one Drop off Daily and One Pick Up.

The Only Exceptions would be forgetting Medicine or some other critical item.
This would free the Client up to take care of Business and have a Better quality of life without Carting around a stigma.

This can be a win win situation with the stores recovering carts and the Stigma hidden from the tourist areas that everyone like to frequent including the homeless.Realistic approaches will help the client accept other services more readily.When someone homeless goes to a shelter they try to strip the client of the sleeping gear for sanitary reasons most of the time.

They can care less if you washed the sleeping nag and blankets the day before.They assume the worse too.They are assholes about storage.Because there is no room in shelters.

Storage will free the client up enough tom use a shelter without losing everything.

The Facility would also need to arrange washer and dryer use at laundromats like Brain Wash.Brain Wash Does already help indigent citizens Because the owner is a Great Human Being with empathy.

I used this Image for maximum impact of Course.

The cart is Piled high.

This happens.When someone gets a little gnarly.They need Empathy not apathy and hate.They need a way out.The assistance back to reality.

Storage for the Homeless is a best Practices idea that needs implementation in San Francisco.Portland has already helped with storage.They see the merit of Freeing up the Client to take care of Business.

The Stays should never last more than 18 months with 6 month reviews.There will be an agreement.Exceptions for progress of course.The only thing the Facility does not want to do is provide a Hammock that allows a client to never take care of Business and Just get into a Comfort zone FOREVER.

That is why referrals are important especially if there are any services connected either immediate or future.Goal Setting would be perfect.

That is what Peer Groups and Social Workers are for.Keeping the Ethics in Order!

I can see an Approach using cognitive therapy methods.

How about it San Francisco?

The NIMBYS will hate it unless they realize the long term benefits.

Less Homeless.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Harm Reduction is more than Needle Exchange

Harm Reduction is much more than needle exchange.Harm Reduction is a Method in which drugs and the subsequent drug deals that happen are made less dangerous.

The best method for society to follow would be to look at the entire fiasco realistically.The drug use will happen and the way they are sold and used effects others. Street Education that can build a rapport when society is not being arrested for petty drug use.

The direct sales of anything other than cannabis will cause sides to be drawn even further and wider and risks will be taken.Otherwise the status quo will rule forever.Anyone that thinks that the drug war is winnable and popular is as ignorant as a stump.The prohibition of any substance always causes a subsequent black market and socioeconomic issues galore.
The Over the counter sales of cannabis and having a doctor available for other drug scripts if really warranted would take so much drug sales off the streets that it would be noticeable.
This would be something Positive that is noticed instead of the usual Negative consequences.There is entirely too many sales of PILLS in the Tenderloin and some on sixth street too.This can be changed with Pain clinic appointments and SCRIPTS to the generally older clients.The Narcotic Pill Nazis have created too many Junkies and a SHITLOAD OF STREET DEALS.

Some of These Drug Deals did not exist until the pharmacies were raided by the feds in 1962 in San Francisco, Harry Anslinger had his final victory.

I personally know that Pain pills can be managed.

The FOOLS who get the OCs from the VA and sell them will eventually get caught and cut off forever.
The Insanity around Pills can change with realistic approaches.

The Street Dealing as America knows it today was not an issue until about the mid 60s until present day.It seems as though every substance that was available was taken away.The Drug Nazis went after drugs as though they were going to rid society of something that they have done for millenniums.Drugs only become an issue when prohibition is introduced.

The Prisons are too full and the consequences of Parolees on society can be reduced.With realistic approaches.The DRUG WAR needs to end.

The Only winners are the Drug Cartels,Gangs and prison guard unions.

There has been opium smokers for millenniums and then some idiot had to further process the opium into heroin and then the real issues started.
From the Time the Dutch East Indian Trading Company made Opium Runs for China.

They Addicted China and then China Revolted.

The Junkies are an age Old Issue that need not be as HUGE.

Amsterdam has implemented Harm Reduction for Years now and crime did go down.

The Future will see Cannabis Clinics that Help Junkies.Cannabis replacing Methadone and Reducing the Bad Effects of HARD DRUGS.

It will be a great day when the workers on Stevenson quit Finding Old Syringes.Then stop finding Dealers.
Harm Reduction Takes realistic Approaches.
Yes Harm Reduction is much more than Needle Exchange.
Its a way of not letting the OBVIOUS EFFECTS of Drug Abuse get out of Hand and Start Effecting other citizens.It's keeping the Harm to the Abusers Own Self.

It's taking Cannabis sales away from Street Thugs and having a Funding source for MORE HARM REDUCTION.
The Policy needs to be 501C3 all the way!
No Greedy Moves in Harm Reduction!
WE Learned from prop 215 that the Greed Exists.
Disguised as a GOOD THING for the City.
HEY San Francisco!
Let's Implement Ethical Harm Reduction soon.
Then The Guardian Angels will feel they actually can be Part of One Huge Harm Reduction Effort.Not just someone walking around with no help in an Urban War zone that can't change until realistic harm reduction methods are implemented.
The Guardian Angels are Harm Reduction in Action!
They need a change in status quo.

Harm Reduction is having a GIANT get together for all residents to network and have Public Speakers from the neighborhood.
Having BBQs and Picnics that raise funds for Harm Reduction and Raise awareness to an Issue and a subject that can't be ignored.
Harm reduction is building trust.
Harm Reduction is an Ongoing Effort.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

REAL SOMA History The Sixth Street Lodging District has become The Sixth Street Corridor from Hell

This eyesore has marked the beginning of the Sixth Corridor from Hell for over twenty years.With the demolition of the HUGO let's hope the Drug Dealing Miscreants are Tossed out with the Rubble.

Since this Building has held this corner hostage for over twenty years everyone is happy with the outcome.The SROs did lose out again.That's OK because the families that will occupy the new building will be a welcome sight.They will be LOW income units.

This district Known as the sixth street Lodging District has some interesting history.This district once had numerous clean and safe SRO Hotels.Thus earning such a respectable name.The Importance of such Lodging districts to maintain healthy city streets is great.The NIMBYS and Developers seem to think different.

Now the District has Drug Dealing 24 hours a day. Therefore it has become The Sixth Street Corridor from Hell.That can change with harm reduction.

This district was safe right up until BART had the Big DIG and has been in Decline ever since.The Blight Ordinance and The end to Glitter Gulch in the Theater District on Market was one of the reasons too.The Excitement died and the drug thugs moved in and think it is their TURF.

Good Riddance HUGO Hotel

The Examiner did a story Recently about SOMA History and the different districts.The Examiner was not thorough in my opinion.They had the districts broken down and they conveniently forgot to mention that even though there is still a Sixth Street Lodging district on Sixth street in The SOMA that over 20,000 SRO Rooms have been demolished since the BART Big Dig so now the Convention and tourism business is BOOMING.This city may be going through a recession but the revenue is still quite high from tourism and conventions.The Moscone Center,Th Metreon,SFMOMA and The Hotels have been a Boon for the wealthy tax revenue for the city yet a Nightmare for the Poverty stricken Baby Boomers on Stipends.

The Upper Middle class have had many Upscale additions and the Upscale restaurant business is booming and so is the Upscale wine and Regular bars.The Night life in San Francisco is Good.The Night life is also expensive.

Living in San Francisco is Expensive,the poverty stricken are prisoners of RENT to the wealthy.The Rents in some of these SROs have increased over 600 percent since the HUGO Hotel last rented rooms for 80 dollars a week.Rents in San Francisco went down recently for just about every segment of Housing except for the High End and Low End.The Very Good neighborhoods went up in price along with the SRO Rent.

So the SROs are now priced TOO HIGH due to a world class Job of Incompetent PLANNING that only had the interests of the developers and NIMBYS in mind.Supply and Demand ate the Poor Alive!!The Wealthy can Afford it,The Poverty stricken Can't.

Since the International Hotel Battle the SRO Dilemma has been ignored.The Rent when the International was closed was 120 dollars a month.This was after a world class job of lying by politicians promising SROs in future developments.Thirty years Later there are less SROs and the rents on SROs are way over 600 percent higher.ONE of the LYING POLITICIANS is a senator now,HUH Diane?Then the citizens wonder why there are so many homeless citizens on stipends.World class Apathy is why.Has this been fair to the Citizens on the lower end of the socioeconomic totem pole.The Poverty stricken are stuck at the base mired in the Drugs Thugs and Bugs.

The SOMA has some very classy additions that offer the very best in High Rise Condo living with an awesome view.Many of these wealthy residents have walk in closets larger than the SROs that can save lives and keep human beings off the streets yet the greed over the precious land has completely run over the poverty stricken citizens like they do not exist.These New SOMA residents must remember that the SOMA has always been a Middle class Neighborhood with SRO Hotels.The Developers and NIMBYS have been going after the SROs for quit some time.The Redevelopment agency promotes ands helps the Developers, NIMBYS and entrepreneurs never the disabled,elderly and Homeless.The Historical Preservation Society is the Only Organization that has stopped the NIMBYS and developers from Destroying the remaining SRO Hotels.

The Latest Loser to the Wrecking Ball will be the Hugo Hotel.

The Henry Hotel has been a Drug Dealers Haven for a Few Years Now.

The Drug Sales activity along this block is so normal that harm reduction sales would be a welcome sight when done with guards,ambassadors and outreach.

The Balmoral South at 93 sixth has cleaned up a Bit Let's see if it lasts.The Rent is 150.00 a week and that is Cheap.The owner has raised the rents in his Clay Street Units to 180 to 260 a week.He is Greedy of Course.On the other hand he has to deal with vandals.Then when he has a problem tenant he must spend thousands evicting them.San Francisco helps the tenant by funding THCs Eviction Clinic.That is not always good.I call it the postpone the inevitable and file the paperwork anyway clinic, thus tying superior courts up.

The Rents in SROs have been going Up past the Other rents.The politics supply and demand is what dictates the rent.Along with Greed

The decline of this corridor has developers Licking their chops.They want a Victory against the Old SROs.The Continued Dealing,Crimes and Violence have the New Businesses struggling.The Passion Cafe is the latest Upscale Addition. The Other Restaurants Miss Saigon ,Split Pea, seduction all brave Urban Heroes.The two new markets are doing alright.The business can be better.
The Sixth street lodging district had many mom and pop shops that enjoyed the crowd from the theater district.The Glitter and Glamour are gone for now but will be back.

The redevelopment agency believes this also but has made empty promises without harm reduction.

The Seneca Hotel was a Gem in It's day.The Hotel is a Diamond in the Rough.The Behavior in the hotel on the first is insane at best.This hotel is managed by The Tenderloin Housing Clinic.The same organization that handles all the free Unlawful detainer work for the druggies.

To be fair THC handles a Lions share of care not cash and that has the Building overrun by druggies lately.Just come by on the first of he Month and see for yourself.

The Sixth street corridor from Hell Drug Dealing has become an ongoing problem that never seems to end.The Sf Police bust the dealers and take a couple of them away and then they are replaced quickly.Especially around the first when everyone has cash.

The Police,The DA and The Politicians all know they can not ARREST THEIR WAY out of the problem.That would cost the city MILLIONS and is just not a good idea.The Recent LAB scandal has had an effect on the Number of dealers on the street with a shitty attitude.Some of the Drug Thugs think they can sling drugs on the streets forever with impunity.

The Lab scandal has caused a surge in Drug Dealing that is noticeable just ask the Passion Cafe owners.They have a Rooftop Garden Patio that may have it's own version of COPS SF Soon.
Bad boys bad boys what ya gonna do ?What ya gonna do when they come for YOU!
Bail out or Get out on OR, and do it all over again.

Kamala has a Limited budget and Many more violent crimes to Prosecute.The situation is a Tricky one.The Conservative die hards want ARRESTS of course.Everyone does when it comes to the blatant Street Dealers.That is why the resources need to be focused on areas of the city like The sixth street corridor.This Place has become one of the containment zones.The Problem with that is the reputation of this Corridor.The reputation IS that the drugs are here,COME AND GET EM!What YA want,They have it all.
That is TRULY the reputation,BIG TIME!

The Largest mistake the City can make is to continue to allow Cannabis to be sold on the streets when THAT product can be diverted from street sales very easily.

The Street Drug Slingers have a Pricing system THAT SUCKS and their product varies in quality and source.The Harm reduction center can beat the quality and the Price NO SWEAT.Plus TAKE the business away from the Drug Thugs.That would be a 30 to 35 percent reduction of the street drug sales.THAT'S BIG!

That's Harm Reduction!

To Continue letting the Street Thugs literally have the business is so damn ignorant the city loses out on a Great chance for harm reduction and a source of Non Profit funding.

This is Business as Usual on the sixth street Corridor of Drug Deals.This scene and spot where dealers are getting Busted will have a Replacement within a Half an Hour after the Bust selling Crack,Ice and Weed at the same exact spot 30 minutes later. Really! This Actually Happened no sooner than the cops Busted someone selling drugs.The Replacement Thugs are quick.

The Gangs from the Projects set up organized sales where all the drugs are stashed away from the person making the deals.They have one Thug Harking,One Thug Handling the Product and One Thug Handling the Money.They also have lookouts.This Kind of Organized crime happens in front of the Hotels.

The Deals are also Going on Inside the Hotels but they are a Different gang,The NORTENOS.They are also Much more patient,Organized and Tricky.The Trick to their Madness is someone controlling the Entrance to the Hotel.Either as an Operative or a simple lookout.Carlos a Notorious Norteno THC Hotel Manager who was employed at the Mission for years until they fired him has left a legacy that STINKS up the Seneca now.

The deals at the Seneca and The Henry spill out on to Sixth street.The drama in the building is so Hideous that the Hotels and streets become one big Drug Carnival on PAYDAY.

The Citizens need to step up and take control.The Police say they want to have a New Police sub station on 6th street and it will be like the APATHETIC station in the Tenderloin,USELESS.The politicians and police are blowing smoke up are ass again.Feels uncomfortable too Me!

The Cops know damn well they can arrest all the drug thugs they want and there will be replacements,with a Quickness.The Desperation during the recession is Too great and this is a Prime Hub near BART that Has many Customers.

Once Again:The Only way to take control is To eliminate the cannabis sales on the streets FIRST thus Taking The Cannabis CUSTOMERS away form the Gangs.

The Police need to allow a Harm reduction center next door that sells Cannabis and gives twenty percent to charity.The Situation could be quite beneficial to the area and have a HUGE Public Relation Boon attached.

The Police need to Never sweat the cannabis sales in fact the City needs to do what Sheriff Hennessy did Not what The SF Police and Fagan did when Dennis Peron stepped up and did what was needed to be done in the 1990s.The San Francisco Buyers Cooperative was Born.Before Prop 215.By a POTHEAD Vietnam Veteran.The Story still gets me TINGLY.

Thank GOD We had a Couple of Level headed Sheriffs in those days.Hennessey and Plummer.
Hennessy is still around!

That helps immensely.

When The state was ready to raid them Dennis was warned and then released later because of Hennessey's help.Hennessy refused to raid Dennis and ignored Dan Lungren(idiot!).Dennis dispensed Cannabis before the laws were in place.The Sixth street Corridor is the Kind of place that can Benefit from such Foresight and Tenacity.So WTF San Francisco Lets do this.Kamala Harris being the next Attorney general would help immensely.Steve Cooley would RAID the Harm Reduction center Just as Dan Lungren Raided Dennis Peron.The Same Misguided Logic and The Same old Archaic Cognition's that insisted on Enforcement to the LETTER of the LAW .That Would be a Cognitive Distortion against society.To Continue to allow the Drug Thugs to make Money selling cannabis on the street alongside other HARD DRUG Sales is a Tragedy and Distortion.

Dennis Peron also made sense when he said he can not UNDERSTAND Recreational Use.I Can Dig That Dennis But You know as well as I do that Harm Reduction is needed still even if the State law does Not allow such a venture.Hell The Federal Law still applied so it would still be a RISK.WTF I'm In!I would Just Frigging DO IT.Just Like Dennis did!He knew that the Patients were being Gaffed and it was WRONG to make these citizens buy from the Street Thugs.It is also wrong when Tourists are gaffed thinking they are buying a Great California product and Instead get Boo Boo Schwag brown weed from down south.That is bad tourist relations.That continued ignorance is also Feeding the drug Cartels Money.Harm Reduction can be a WIN/WIN/LOSE situation.The Cartels and Gangs being the Loser of Course.

Medical Cannabis is Great Thing BUT Please Understand the SIMPLE DOCTORS FEE is Still Too High for many citizens who use Medically and they still buy from the street thugs because they NEVER have the extra 100 bucks to obtain a Doctors Note.That 100 bucks is ALL they can spend that month and that is stretching it.With SOME Doctors asking LESS(50 Bucks in some offices) the Poor are Having better access.YES THE POOR!Safe Access is what is Important.That can't be argued with unless you are a Fanatic Like Dan Lungren is and Harry Anslinger was.

IN The Meantime The Drugs are being sold along The sixth street Corridor from Hell (AKA as The Sixth Street Lodging district) and That MUST STOP.This corridor is a Main artery into the Civic Center and downtown area.Very Bad Public Relations Degradation and Violence is all that has happened in thirty years with the exception of THOSE Stores and few Brave Restaurants like The Passion Cafe.They are not being Totally ignored even with arrests there is a surge of Drug Dealing.This Insanity is exactly what can be used against this district to Facilitate the demise of the Sixth Street Corridor from hell.

The City needs to allow Harm Reduction sales of cannabis now if someone is willing to take the risks with the FEDS like Dennis did in the 90s.

Once a Harm Reduction Center is in Place the BIG TIME Public relation are needed.Weekly BBQs and a huge Get together to network.The FEDS would make a HUGE PR Mistake to Raid.Just as they would make a HUGE PR mistake to Raid the HUGE Grows in Oakland.

San Francisco wants the citizens to step up and cooperate,not without harm Reduction sales.That on act would LOOSEN up the attitudes when they see the city meeting the Citizens part way.Giving the Citizens an Outlet for cannabis Just like they want.

Then ask the citizens to do what the citizens in Oakland did.The 23rd street project was born.The citizens stepped up Documented and Filmed the Insanity.That kind of Bravery was Happening at a Hotel on Sixth street. Then Randy Shaw and THC had a Court Order Drafted for Jeff Webb to Cease and Desist in the building.Funny Thing in Oakland he would be appreciated, at least By The 23rd street Project.

San Francisco will never have an ending to this Nightmare when the Management of a Care not cash Hotel does not appreciate brave Citizens who want change.

The THC Staff tried to make Jeff out to be some kind of Peeping Tom.That was Bullshit.Jeff Has Some real footage that the So Called Edited Security cameras at the THC Hotel did not have.Same time period and perpetrators were ERASED.That is because the Management either has the wool pulled over THC and Randy Shaw's Eyes or it is a figment of every ones vivid imagination.

Come See for yourself on PAYDAY. What happens on The first is a Major RICO case in The Making.Jeff Webb Recently had a Crazy Informing blog he called Payday on Sixth work Jeff.

ONCE AGAIN UNDERSTAND THIS PLEASE:Jeff Webb had the Live Web Cam for a Moment and Randy Shaw and THC sought a Court order to stop him.THC controls the Building Security cameras and erases and edits at will.

That is why some of the Drug Thugs on Stevenson like to use The Seneca as a Safe Location for their Stash of the day.Quite often they will offer a Resident a Pittance for their help.Poverty,Boredom and Addiction leads to some very stupid decisions.

The Drug Dealing is real bad on the sixth street corridor from hell.Really we are Not Kidding when we say the dealers are replaced very quickly

The Revolving Door Policy can only be chipped away with harm reduction.

The Homeless Citizens have been blamed for everything that happens on the street.They commit very few murders and have been victims more often than perpetrators.The Examiner Reports the Homeless like they are the issue every time they have a story about something Bad happening outside.The Propaganda has made the issue a Hot One.The drug Dealers are Not Homeless citizens most of the time unless they are being used for watch. The Examiner would have citizens thinking different.They are not big Customers either.They are Broke!

The Money comes from out of town for the Most part.With BART right There the dealers take advantage of the HUB.DUH!!

So Can The Harm Reduction Center.

This Homeless Citizen has to live through all the hell on the streets and be blamed FOR EVERYTHING.


UNTIL THERE IS HOUSING THIS WILL BE THE NORM.The Homeless are stuck in the middle of the politics,NIMBYS and propaganda and it is an Uncomfortable Fit.Shelters are just not an Option for many Baby Boomers who WILL NOT GO TO THEM.The Only way San Francisco can get Baby Boomers who are HIDING from the Weak Ass Services is To open a Shelter similar to Irvin Goodwin's shelter and San Francisco will se a Response that will surprise them.Irvin Goodwin's Emergency Veterans Shelter has waiting list and Of Course one must be a veteran.This structured Facility provides supportive services from the time the client walks in the door.The Obviously supportive environment is so inviting.There needs to be shelter similar to this Opened on the sixth street corridor from hell and it will help to restore the District to the Sixth street Lodging district again soon.

There has Been a stack of Studies by a Bunch of PHDs that is PILED HIGH and DEEP that all say the same thing!Build a whole bunch of Inexpensive Housing or the Issues will increase!

The Solution to the Madness is as it always has been for THIRTY YEARS PLUS since the International Hotel Protestors.There are a few new Ideas and approaches since then however.

1,Open Up A Shelter for Baby Boomers Only on the corridor.This shelter having the same space and dignity as Irvins.The Facility would be small like CITY TEAM ,Clean City Coaltion and Care not Cash on Steroids for Boomers without the Required Bible study.The structure would scare away druggies and attract serious clients.
2.No Less than Five more SRO Hotels are needed that have Rents that are 30 percent of SSI Checks.The Only way the City will ever be at Cause it To get into the SRO Business with Randy Shaw and THC.The waterfront property would be a great finale to dignity with Five more SROs on the sixth street corridor as a start.Since THC is Too Big Too Fail ask them to expand.

3.San Francisco has to get away from a Master Leasing Plan and work towards a city owned Public Equity plan with care not cash and all master leasing rooms.

4.Open a Harm Reduction center near the Police station that sells cannabis OTC and takes 20 percent off the top to fund the Baby Boomers Shelter.
5.Serve Food at the shelter and for all the Homeless in the evenings only.

Most Citizens would scream where are we Going to get that kind of money?

I sceam Back,The FUCKING MONEY is at GOLDMAN SACHS,JP MORGAN Chase,ChuckienSchwab and so on.The Wealth is here.They Just do not like giving money that will be squandered by LIBERAL NANNIES.I So Agree!!

The Safety Net system has been turned into the Hammock from Hell.Do not think for one second that some of these Titans do not notice.That Irritates then as well s anyone else.

Get MY POINT?There are Corporations that would help if a. NEW SOLUTION is at hand.The Financial Barons need good PR.They would bite if the Model is Functional Like Best Practices Examples such as Irvin Goodwins.

Most of the Businesses are tired of the same old shit when it comes to solutions.The FRIGGING RED TAPE needs to be Jammed up the NIMBYS Collective Asses.

The issue will never be money it is a NIMBY ISSUE and it is Never discussed.The Money can be Obtained!The Wild Feral NIMBYS However are another Issue.

The Sixth street lodging district needs expanding not shrinking.Without the SROs the Insanity will become much worse.

Harm Reduction and SROs will Bring Big Changes to the SOMA.The Status Quo Sucks.

The History of SOMA had a Vibrant Hotel district and a Vibrant theater dsitrict that needs to be equally Restored the way it was when I was Born.Before the Lost Drug War.