Thursday, July 22, 2010

Cannabis Prohibition and The Propaganda War.

I Would Like To Take a Moment First to Thank Terence Hallinan for His dedication to
The End of Cannabis Prohibition and For Being one of the Fair DAs during His Reign.He Had to Fight against The Ignorance of The Conservative constituents in the city that said he was TOO LIBERAL.Thank You Terence for Not Letting their Hate and Intolerance effect you.The Letter of the law was not always the answer and You knew that,Unlike OTHER DAS like Solano County's David Paulson.He Like Many Conservative DAs Ignored Patients Rights and Took The Federal Law Literally in their Interpretation of What should be Charged and What shouldn't.This Behavior was just the Product of a Programmed Society.The Propaganda War against Cannabis will never go Away.The Ignorance showed it's Ugly head when The Medical Cannabis Law was Passed.The Same Ignorance Born during the Great Depression.

The Founding Fathers of Our country were Hemp Farmers.Hemp was an Important part of the economy.For defense purposes Hemp was a Necessary crop.Farmers were Ordered to Grow Hemp as One of the Crops for Patriotism and the Defense of the Colonies.Yes Cannabis was very Much Part of American Colonial Society and Has Been Ridiculed and Slandered Long enough.

Cannabis was as American as Apple Pie.Many Useful Products of the Era were made from hemp.Sails,Rope,Clothing,Fish Nets,Fuel,Medicine.The Use of this Wonderful herb was widespread and No one could have a Patent on it because it is a Naturally occurring substance.That is the Reason for the Lies and deceit.The {propaganda Campaign had Unknown Contributors.The Rumors were and Are The Oil and Drug Corporations went after Hemp.They Secretly Helped to Fund the Smear Campaign aimed at Children.It Worked!That is an American Tragedy.

The Biggest Deception known to Man is the deception of Cannabis being a Dangerous Useless Product.The Propaganda war against Hemp and Cannabis was More than Likely spurred on by the Oil and Drug Companies.They Were Both worried about the Competition from Mother Nature.The Propaganda War Was Very Deceitful and Used Children as their Victims.The Scare Tactics were Evil and Down right Lies.

Reefer Madness.There were wide spread stories of Wild All Night Sex Parties with The Evil Weed in Charge.Reports of Orgies,Insanity,Suicides and Murders.None of these Can be Actually Documented of Course.

The Cannabis Propaganda War is Now a Comedy to Look at.Can't everyone see the Lies for themselves.They can continue to be ignorant or they can Help to Release the herb from Federal limbo.Write your Senator and ask why we continue to have such a failed policy on cannabis.The Reefer Madness Has To Stop!!

These Posters were taken very seriously by Adults.The Self Righteous Substance haters were happy because Booze was Made legal again.Now they can Hate Marijuana.The Weed With Roots in Hell.That is some awesome Nutrients.The Reefer Madness Must End Now!!

The Insanity of These Lies can't be believed today but the Lies still seem to Live.The law is still placing Citizens behind bars for an Herb,The Reefer Madness must end Now!

The Lies and Propaganda eventually lead to Arrests and The Beginning of a Huge Disgrace.The Jailing of Citizens for growing Cannabis Just like our Founding Fathers.

Medical Cannabis Laws were passed and That did not matter to some of the Rogue DAs.

Dave Paulson was One of the Rogue DAS who Ignored Proposition 215 and Still prosecuted Cannabis Patients.I was One of the Patients Prosecuted and Run over by a Solano County Kangaroo Court.I eventually won my appeal.I was Not Breaking State Laws but The Trial Sounded like a Federal Inquisition.This County had Over 9 Medical cannabis Court Convictions Overturned all from Judge LUIS Villareal.He was Blatantly BIAS.LUIS Sucks.He has earned NO respect from me.Neither has David Paulson.Paulson is still in Office.LUIS is History.Good Riddance!!

The First Cannabis POW was Samuel Caldwell 58.He and Moses Baca 26 was Arrested in at The Lexington Hotel in Denver Oct 2nd 1937.The very first day the Federal law was passed.By The FBI and Local Cops.For TWO JOINTS.Big Bad Bust Feds.The Judge gave Caldwell Four Years in Jail and Baca 18 Months for Two Joints.WTF DAMN!!!! Some States Enacted Even Stricter Laws,Such as Texas,Virginia,Florida and Ohio all Had EXTREME Strict Laws and Sentences.

The Reefer Madness will end in November in California.Prop 19 is on the ballot and should win.Time to Tax and Regulate Cannabis.Our Founding Fathers would Approve.They would not have made Ignorant laws in the first Place.This Was the Ignorant Tyrannical Laws they warned of.

It Seems Kind of Bittersweet to have this on the Ballot.The Tyranny Should have never Been allowed in the first Place.Maybe before Obama leaves Office he will Pardon Non Violent Cannabis Prisoners.The Future of Cannabis Commerce Looks Bright.Oaksterdam University is Leading the way.Way to go Oaksterdam.The rest of the Country shall follow someday. PEACE GOD BLESS ALL

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