Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Dennis Paved The Way.

Unfortunately Dennis Peron is Not for the Cannabis Tax Act of 2010.He went as far as to break ties with Oaksterdam and is still opposed.He is Right about a few points but some of what he worries about will not happen and the Medical Cannabis will not be Effected.He is Just Opposed to a Tax Period.

Dennis You are still The One who Inspired many of us to actively change the Law.This will keep citizens out of Jail and That is The Largest benefit.The Money spent Incarcerating Cannabis Growers is absurd.

Yes it Does Not take a Genius to Recognize the Benefits.There are some Issues that will be resolved with amendments.The Citizens who are being Jailed will stop and the wasted resources will be redirected to more important issues.

Dennis Peron is The Premier Cannabis Trail Blazer.His courage is inspiring.He had a Stroke Yet he is still busy advocating.We feel if he had to Stop it would Kill Him.Dennis was right to protest the Tax on the basis that an Herb should not taxed.The Reality is that Cigarettes and Alcohol are taxed and so will Pot.This is for Recreational Use.The Reason we are excepting this Tax Act is because of the way it is written.The Tax Act Paves the way for a Proliferation of Cannabis Harm Reduction Centers.This will make Cannabis available to all and quit beating around the Bush.THE 21 AGE LIMIT is also a stickler because it does not address the Reality of the 18 to 21 year old cannabis users.This is an Improvement any way we look at it though.This will be a Boon for The City of San Francisco if a Harm Reduction Center is the result.Dennis used to be criticized for being to Loose and Inclusive.Good for Dennis,he always knew deep down we would win someday and a Compromise is the Tax Act.The City will listen to Dennis.He has history and cares about San Francisco and Harm Reduction.Thank You Dennis for all you have done. This is a Cannabis No Brainer.The Tax will at least stay local and Create something GREAT.Then The Cannabis Community can Prove we have solutions to the Issues that we all face daily.The Future is Bright and We feel Dennis will help the city dial it in.Time to strike and be REAL!We can set Policy that benefits the City for years to come. GOD BLESS ALL

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