Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Don't Tread on Citizens Tread on Reefer Madness

When Cannabis Growers are prosecuted they are being Tread upon for doing what our Founding Fathers did.That's right our Founding fathers grew and Smoked Pot.They were POTHEADS.That is General knowledge at The library and online.

Thomas Jefferson Smuggled seeds from CHINA.That surprised the Hell out of us.Him and George would swap smoking blends.We can only imagine.They wrote of the separation of male and female and ways to increase the potency.They were Premier Growers.That had it made.There were no laws and social stigmas to deal with.Besides they were in Charge.

Yes George Washington and Ben Franklin grew the Herb for the Fiber value also.Ben Franklin made paper.The Declaration of Independence is written on HEMP PAPER for Gods sake.

We want to Imagine them passing around two Big Fatties after the signing of the declaration of Independence and Talking Shit about the British.

Don't Tread on Us Potheads because you tread on the Very Dogma the Founding Fathers had Too.

What makes one human being want to Punish another for using and growing an Herb our Founding fathers Grew as well as Millions of People from all over the world for Many Centuries.

The Attitudes are Changing and it is Time for Harm Reduction Using cannabis.The Founding fathers would Love the Idea of using Cannabis to Help Alleviate Homelessness.They would Probably also have another confused moment trying to grasp why Citizens are Homeless in the 21st Century.Really We can see George Washington in the 21st Century.George would want to visit the cannabis dispensary as well as the Pub.He would be shocked at the value of property and not surprised of the tyranny of the Government.Our Founding Fathers warned us of the Tyranny of Unjust Laws and it still Happened.We wonder if they had a clue that the District Attorneys would be so Ruthless to the Simple man yet Let the Upper Echelon White Collar Crimes go for fear of coming up against another ruthless attorney in court and Losing.

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