Saturday, May 29, 2010

It's A Lovely Day on The Corridor of Deals.

Mister Rogers never Had The Corridors From Hell in Mind when he was talking about how lovely the Neighborhood was.We believe in having a Lovely Day in the Neighborhood again.Westefield Shopping Center is so Close to Blatant dealing Zone and behavior that need to be checked.The 6th street corridor and The area From 5th to 9th on Market has really gone to hell since the BART construction blight changed the Area when Market was Excavated.The San Francisco Revevelopment agency went after The Blight.The SRO hotels were the Losers.The Drug Dealer have moved in now.There is a significant amount of cannabis slinged in this zone and that can be changed with Harm Reduction.


Yes Westfield can Benefit from Harm Reduction.This Area is a Big Tourist Magnet.That also attracts the Herb Slingers that sell Marijuana to the Shoppers, Tourists and Locals.


The cable Car Turnaround can be a Circus.How many times have you been Downtown and Noticed the Marijuana sales.They will ask just about anyone.They are bold and They don't care that they are creating an unsafe environment when slinging in such a dense Zone.They Deal Herb all around the area and down Powell street sometimes.The Boldest Slingers will ask Tourists in Union Square.They are just trying to survive but they will adjust when they have to look for a REAL JOB!!

The San Francisco Tourist Hub that extends from Fifth and Market has it's Tender Moments.The Westfield Shopping Center,Carls Jr. and The Cable Car Turnaround.Take a Stroll in any direction from this area for Two blocks and you will find Two distinct worlds.The Sixth Street Corridor is just a City Block away from this World Class Tourist Hub.The Transients are not always the Issue when it comes to Public Safety.The Biggest Threat to The Safety is the Blatant Dealing of Drugs and The Customers they Attract.This happens over and over,again and again in this area.The Real issue is as long as this remains lucrative for some of these hard headed entrepreneurs they will continue.The Incentive needs to be removed by taking their Marijuana customers away.We Figure Conservatively Speaking that forty percent of the Deals around here are Cannabis if not more.That will be a Significant decrease and we guarantee it will happen.Someone would have to be a major Dumb ass to continue to buy from thugs who may Gaff them instead of coming to the Harm Reduction Center.The Cannabis Tax Act is Paving The Way.WE are Putting these Thugs on Notice Now.These thugs who walk around the Chess Table area and wander from there to the cable car turnaround back toward the Sixth Street corridor slinging Herb think they are Slick and No One Sees them.WTF You are so damn obvious and you are not doing the City a Favor that's for sure.This area has a Vice Sweep now and then and then it is Business as usual.The Business as usual can be interrupted with the Proper Harm Reduction strategy.The First order is to Have Cannabis Sold over the counter in the harm Reduction center.The Price will be lower and the quality better.The Product will be all California Grown and will never be funding a Cartel.Twenty Percent of the Proceeds will be taken off the Top for The Homeless Independence Initiative.This will be using one Substance/Herb that bears a Stigma to Help Eradicate another Stigma.We are Sure That Oaksterdams pioneers will approve.San Francisco Needs to try something Different.The Definition of insanity is what?Doing The Same Thing over and over again expecting Different results.WE want to stop the Insane policy of just Letting these Dealers continue as if San Francisco doesn't know this happens.This is Common Knowledge to the Locals and KINDA becomes Obvious to the Tourists the First Time they are approached and asked if they want some weed.We want to make damn sure our Guests don't get gaffed,Real Talk!!We want the Tourists to obtain a Better Product that is California Grown and Organic.The Tourists deserve better and so does San Francisco.The Passion Cafe on Sixth street is the Newest Member to the Neighborhood.They are True Pioneers and Urban Heroes.They Believe in a Brighter Future for The Tourism in this area.WE do also and will help facilitate this Dream.I Personally remember a Better Neighborhood when I was Young.The Fascination Game,The Pool Hall and The Hot Dogs,Woolworth's and taking the Cable Car to the Marina.I am a Baby Boomer SF Native who is going to be the Principal of the Harm Reduction center.The Area has become better in many respects and this "Thorn in their Side Issue" can be managed using Common Sense.It's a Lovely day in the Neighborhood.Yes Mister Rogers when you went on the Air The 6th Street Neighborhood was Lovely.We can have that happen again.GOD BLESS ALL

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