Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Passion Cafe on 6th Street

There is a Brave French Restaurant that Just Opened their doors on The Sixth Street Corridor from Hell.This would be the Last Place One would expect to find a French Restaurant but there sure enough is One now.The Passion Cafe.

The Adventure will be worth it.The Neighborhood may be a Bit Seedy but the Food is Great and The Price is reasonable.For the Food,We really Don't Know about how reasonably Priced The Crack is and Won't Ask. JUST IGNORE THEM and GOD WILL FORGIVE THEM.REMEMBER THEY LIVE HERE.

The French do Amazing things with Chicken and Beef and whatever Fruit and Vegetables that happen to be in season.

Imagine Coq Au Vin and A Tarte Framboises with a Tangy Sweet Sauce with a Dark Chocolate base.YUMMY!

Decent Food in the Middle of Big Indecency.Imagine A Pate and Pain Appetizer and Then Beef Bouruignon and a Creme Brulee for Dessert,on Sixth Street!Yes Indeed when you Round that Corner on Market and Sixth and Think you are in the Wrong Neighborhood.Keep on going because you are in the Right neighborhood for Some Good French Food.The Passion Cafe has You Covered.


The Passion Cafe is a Trail Blazer in the Middle of the Muck.The Passion Cafe is an Island of Sanity in the Corridor from Hell.The Name is truly fitting because the Owners took a few years putting the cafe together.There story is really incredible.They overcame many obstacles and the fact that the building is 100 years old.The Permit Process alone was over a year and a half.Steve Barton one of the Buildings Owner and Founder of the Cafe is also a contractor so he was familiar with the frustration these kind of projects can be.His business Partner Jacques Andre also participated in the process and has found the Neighbors to be friendly.This Restaurant is a Classic French Style Restaurant with all the trimmings.The Passion starts of as a Coffee and Pastry Pit stop in the Morning where many a Taste bud will be teased by the thought of French food and the Anticipation will build.They will return if they are curious enough regardless of the neighborhood.The Lunch and dinner crowd gets to chose from a fairly large menu selection of classic French dishes.The Coffee is tasty and smooth and the Food is very good.The Price is reasonable and I am sure the Roof top Patio will be a BIG hit as time progresses.These French Diners can have a Live Version of "Cops" some day Who Knows.The District is close to Shopping Relatively speaking and tourists will find this place I'm sure of it.The Place has a Certain draw because it Sticks OUT and is not what We expected to seen when We realized what was being built.We were Pleasantly surprised.The gentrification advocates will have nothing bad to say about this move.No Doubt Steve Barton and Jacques Andre are True Believers that the future for 6th street will be Rosier.That is why a Harm Reduction Center is needed so badly so More Heroes like Steve and Jacques take risks and go through the Bullshit and Hell the entire Process is.They are seeing the appreciation in the residents of the area actually because they realized these men were not daunted by the area and respected everyone.THEY believed in the residents future instead of going to a Better Neighborhood they want to help make this the New good neighborhood.They will open the flood gates and a proliferation of small businesses WILL save the 6th street area.When I was born IN THE 50s this area was much nicer and that will happen again if The Right Harm Reduction Methods are Implemented.The Future for 6th street is Exciting and will be raised out of the Tenderloin Muck and improved.We're sure of it. GOD BLESS ALL

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